Temporary Nanny Placement Deposit  From $250

ABN: 92190490168

Babysitting Booking Fees may be paid directly to our Nannies but may incur a $5 handling fee

Deposit  $200

Nanny Placement Rates

You will receive an invoice with details of the Agency Fee hat applies to your position

Temporary Nanny Placement Deposit  From $300

Gold Coast Babysitter


  These discounts may only be used over a two week period and offer families great savings for busy periods. 

* Discounts for regular local clients can be found in the blue section below.

Regular Clients Discount -  $225 for 10 bookings over 12 months ​(a saving of $25)

$20 for each additional booking. *Must be used within 2 week period

Make a safe payment using Pay Pal to secure your booking today or to pay the Agency fee for a Nanny Placement.

 If you are not sure of your fee charges please do not hesitate to call us. 0431301916

Permanent Full Time Nanny Placement

​Balance after Deposit $750

Live In Nanny Placement

 Balance after Deposit $1000

Permanent Part Time Nanny Placement

 balance after Deposit   $650 

Gift Voucher  $50 or more

 $25 First Booking

  Gift Vouchers

Not sure what to give someone when they already have everything? Are you looking for an exciting gift or a staff incentive?

In our opinion, there is nothing more deserving than some free time. A gift voucher can be used for any occasion.

Why not surprise a hard-to-buy-for friend, incentives for your staff, or pass on thanks to a deserving client. 

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash. Conditions apply.

​ Follow this
GIFT VOUCHERlink to order your vouchers and you will receive your voucher in the mail within 24 hours.
​ If you do wish to use it sooner, please call us directly.

Please contact Gold Coast Nannies on 0431 301 916