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Temporary Rates:  Guide is 1 to 8 weeks

      Sometimes you may just need a Nanny to help you on a temporary basis and paying Babysitting rates might work out costly. All rates will be discussed with you and in some situations discounts are offered.  You may also want to know more about the Nanny we are placing with you or want to meet her in advance.  Whether you need a short-term nanny for 1 week up to 2 months, we have you covered! We understand you may need an extra set of hands to help out on a temporary basis. We have a strong nanny pool of casuals ready to work. All we need is a start & end date. 

Standard   $100 -   We can send you the most suitable Nanny after discussing your families needs and trust our selection will ensure you have a wonderful caring Nanny.

Premium $200 -  You may want to see the profiles of a number of suitable Nannies, meet with them in advance and then decide who you would like to engage.

VIP  $300 -   For the family who need special requirements. Includes profiles and the opportunity to meet your Nanny in advance.

Please note:  All trials must be paid for.

Part Time Rates - Under 30 hours per week

​If a part-time child care solution is what you need, we suggest a minimum of 8 hours a week to make the role desirable to the nanny market. Typically, the more hours your can provide a nanny, the better candidate pool you'll have to choose from. 


Full Time Rates  30 hours and over

Generally, if you wish you to employ a Nanny on a full-time basis they work over 30-hours per week.  Full-Time Nannies are normally paid a salary and are career Nannies meaning they will come with an extensive background in child-care and will be better suited to dedicate their time to your family's needs.  You may still want some flexibility which is fine, simply let us know you needs and we will recruit the candidates accordingly.

Live-In Full time or Part-time

    Having a Live-In Nanny offers you flexibility and often suits families who may work sporadic hours or shift workers.  Recruiting Live-In Nannies takes time and care to ensure the Nanny is suitable for your family, afterall they will be living with you.  You might even have a Nanny who lives in for a number of weeks during your busy times and then lives in her own home and is available for your family throughout the day or evening.  If a Nanny lives in permanently you will find this to be more affordable as you will be covering her rent and other expenses.  If she lives outside your home but still does blocks of periods where she provides a live-in service, she has to cover her living expenses of rent or mortgage and will be paid a rate comparable to her experience.  

The following is a guide for you to best understand the rates for Agency Fees and Nanny Rates.  You will be sent an invoice unless the rate is by verbal agreement.  If you have any question, please contact Cathie to discuss a rate tailored for your specific needs.