Agency Fee  -  The booking fee is payable before your booking.  If unpaid the Nanny will collect it on behalf of the Agency and a $5 handling fee is charged unless other arrangements have been made.

​Babysitting Fee is an hourly rate that is paid to the Nanny.  This is normally not negotiable.

Your Agency fee covers the recruitment and training of your Nanny, the placement for your booking, the cost of the website and insurances and the personal service and backup of a professional service. A cancellation fee is payable for minimum booked hours if the cancellation is with less than 24 hours notice. Bookings are for a 4 hour minimum.


 Gold Coast Nannies Babysitting General Terms & Conditions

1)Unless a prior arrangement has been made with the agency, a booking fee of AUD $25 for the first babysitting appointment is to be paid 24 hours prior to the commencement of the babysitting service or a fee of $25 to the Nanny.  Discounts are offered for subsequent bookings as found on the website Babysitting fee schedule.   Exclusions apply if the client has purchased discount offers. (see bottom)

2)Unless a prior arrangement has been made, if the  booking fee has not been paid 24 hours before the commencement of the babysitting service then the agency may not be able to provide a babysitting service for that period.

3) Gold Coast Nannies strives to ensure that all babysitting appointments are met, however we may cancel the babysitting appointment if the scheduled babysitter becomes unavailable due to special circumstances like but not limited to sickness or injury. In this case GNC will apply reasonable endeavours to provide a babysitter for the appointment time. IF GCN cannot provide a suitable babysitter then GCN will;

a)Provide a full refund of the booking fee

b)The client will indemnify GCN for any damage or loss delay or expense.

4)If GCN receives a booking cancellation within 3 hours of the babysitter commencing then the client will be liable for the booking fee and a minimum of 2 hours babysitting payment equivalent to the babysitting fees for the amount of children required to be sat.

5)By engaging GCN to provide a babysitter, the client agrees to pay all fees including the booking fee and babysitter hourly rate based on the schedule of fees set out on the GCN website.

6)GCN is a booking agent only. GCN will not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense irrespective of how it may occur. The client indemnifies GCN against all actions, claims, losses and damage.

7)Unless a prior arrangement has been made clients will pay the baby sitters directly upon completion of their work.

8)   Bookings have a 4 hour minimum although you may use less time the full 4 hours are payable.  The latest start time for a Nanny to commence the booking is 8.30pm.  If you require a later start time you will be charged from 8.30pm.

9)GCN will ensure all babysitters have a current Blue Card and first aid qualification.

10)Introduction of babysitters to clients are confidential. Clients requiring further bookings and/or any third party referrals must deal solely and directly through GCN. Where bookings are made without the prior knowledge of GCN then the client remains liable for standard fees.

11)  Discounts for the Agency booking fee may be purchased when on offer.  These are paid in advance and offer savings for the Agency Rate only and can't be used as a discount off the Babysitting fee the nanny charges.   If an Annual Discount is purchased, these can be used for casual babysitting bookings only and is not to be used for a permanent Nanny placement.

For more details please contact the Agency.